Arantxa Mosqueda

Arantxa believes that artwork becomes meaningful when it enters the social sphere and meets an audience; even then, its meaning is constantly changing from one person's opinion to another. Until then, it is just a moment from her world, stilled and captured. In all of her work, Arantxa focuses on subjects that are overseen or jaded in people's minds and viewed as mundane. In those moments, it is the light that once again reveals its lost beauty, in which she aims to either capture it or compose and abstract the subject. 




Carly Kurka (b.1989) is a contemporary artist based in St. Louis, Missouri. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She also received a minor in Art History and Archeology. In addition to her studio practice, Carly works as a printer at Pele Prints, a collaborative printmaking studio based in St. Louis. Carly works directly with her mentor, Amanda Verbeck, a collaborative print publisher.

Carly’s current work includes multi-colored flats of color that are gridded out to form a shape. With a concentration in geology and various forms of nature, she abstracts natural and organic forms into her composition. She considers her shape of choice as a “diamond grenade," and her palette choices are often an almost monochrome set of a hue with a pop of color. The pop can usually be recognized by the overlaying palette’s complementary color. She is interested in playing with implied perspective and various interacting planes on a single flat surface. The form’s implied 3D surfaces are caused by strategically planned hues. Multiple surfaces of the blocks in her work are sometimes collaged as well. Carly further integrates her nature background by using handmade paper in sections of her collaged monoprints. As there is no true outline to the shape, tinted and shaded colors act as one with negative space serving as implied lines. Minimalism and simplicity are important to Carly as her main focus includes color theory and shape. Carly’s work includes all three elements of painting, drawing, and printmaking.


Alli VanKleecK

Alli VanKleeck is a Salt Lake City based graphic designer who has a love for the outdoors, mermaids, adventuring, and all things carb-loaded. Her art is ever-changing; focusing on what interests her at the moment, so she dabbles in screenprints, linocuts, digital prints, and more. She started Chiix & Co. as a way to push herself to make more art, and to bring more awesome female makers the recognition they deserve. She firmly believes in women supporting women, and that #chiixmakecoolshit too.



Erin Made

Erin has always been a hands-on-creator, searching for unique textiles and prints. When she finds a material she loves, she finds a way to incorporate it into her daily-life wear; even if it means picking up an old couch on the side of the road and using it to make her backpack in high school. Throughout the years, Erin has been inspired by the materials she finds to create her own clothing. And this is how Erin Made began, creating pieces she wanted in her own closet...colorful, unique, and eclectic.

Erin Made is for the islander, sun-kissed bohemian girl (who may not even live anywhere near the tropics). She has a spirit and originality that makes her stand out in a crowd, without speaking a word.



Keeks Designs (Katelyn Sala)

Katelyn Sala tries to transpose the idea of individuality and comfort in each and every one of her designs.  Everyday, people are so concerned with the outside world, and what it will give them that day.  They are worried that they have to dress a certain way to either impress a boss, or a coworker, or a parent, or a significant other. People should be allowed to be okay with themselves, and all of the differences they have from those around them.  Katelyn believes differences are not a bad thing, and that is an idea that is often misconstrued.  Everyone should encompass their own idea of comfort and casual within their hectic, and pressured lives. Each design she creates encompasses not only one idea, but many ideas enveloped into one piece.  This allows her mind to flow and create freely with no constrictions or boundaries.  It creates a more true design to free thinking and individuality.

With this, each and every work by Keeks Designs is personalized, because everyone perceives the work with their own ideas attached.  This creates an artist inside of every individual involved. The goal of her work is to attach yourself with your true self; to be your own identity and to be proud of it.  With her visual and wearable designs, Katelyn wishes for you to escape from your daily life and allow yourself to arrive at your sanctuary. 



Lucy Blatt

Lucy Blatt is a freelance graphic designer from Maine who is currently living in Salt Lake City.

She loves all things design — graphics, textile, print, web, interior, fashion — you name it. Her mix of a fine art and graphic design background collide in her print work where she takes a minimalistic approach to all of her design. She lives by the words: The more white space, the better. When she’s not designing, she likes to spend time with her two dogs, eat delicious food, and explore the city where she lives.



Paige Kershaw

Salt Lake City based artist, Paige Kershaw, creates paintings inspired by her native West Coast roots.

Paige’s art is created by blending small strokes to create a smooth blend of bright hues. By adding water between the layers, she is able to transition the colors seamlessly. Her creations are inspired by the sea, so adding water to her creative process is crucial. By doing this, drips are formed along the uppermost layer of the canvas to make the paintings feel as if they were fished right out of the ocean.

The paintings are all abstract resembling different elements of the deep sea. Whether it be the seashells tucked underneath the jetties, the deepest blues of the water, or the magnificent citrus hues of the sunsets, these paintings will instantly create a coastal feeling in your home, no matter where you are. Paige’s pieces are bound to turn any house into a beach bungalow, by highlighting the unrecognized beauties of where the land meets the sea.



Tesoro Design (Brit Reed + Emily Pisano)

Established in 2013 By Brit Reed, Tesoro Design began as a custom only leather company. Since meeting, Brit and Emily have grown Tesoro into what it is today, a handcrafted, ready-to-wear, leather goods company. 

Brit and Emily's respective fashion backgrounds are the perfect collaboration of creativity and business sense. Brit's designs and knowledge of sourcing leather plus Emily's eye for detail and marketing savvy, create a solid balance between the two co-owners. 

All Tesoro products are Made in America, which is the philosophy behind Tesoro Design. From buying the leather, through every step of production, no piece of the bags or steps to create them leaves the country. 
Classic, timeless styles handmade in America create the bare bones of Tesoro Design. Combined with unique leather and hair on hide choices, and the multi-functionality of the products, Tesoro bags and leather goods are treasures for your everyday that last a lifetime. 



Wander fuel (Zoe Wuthrich)

Utah native, Zoe Wuthrich (20), finds peace when she spends time outdoors. She enjoys rockhounding and making pieces from her treasures and well as collecting unique stones from lapidary artists around the world. She believes that jewelry is personal. It helps an individual express themselves and it brings them back to a time in their lives when they bought that piece. There is connection and compassion put into every piece.

Zoe’s style is fueled by her wanderlust love.