ErinMade Headband Bundle

ErinMade Headband Bundle


By ErinMade

Bundle of THREE headbands, patterns and colors are random, but you can choose your color preference that we will try to accommodate!

Three headbands in a variety of print and color. Pieces are interchangeable allowing for multiple combinations and creativity. With so many ways to wear this accessory, sometimes you need more than one!

A truly one size fits all bohemian headband. This two piece headband design ensures a completely self adjustable, flattering and comfortable fit. The wearer is the creator of the look as the pieces are interchangeable. All band pieces are created from vintage kantha quilts and are reversible. Kantha quilts, random in both pattern and color, create variations which translate into each piece being one of a kind. A bohemian vibe with a mixture of print and textures, the bright contrasting thread and frayed fabric add to each headband's personality.

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