Owning a Small Business: The Balancing Act


First off, an apology is owed. It's been far too long since we utilized our blog to bring you the best and innovative of the women-run small business community. When I started Chiix & Co., my vision was to have it be a celebratory place for all femme-identifying artists to share and expose their work. There would be a shop for makers and entrepreneurs to sell their work and products, and there would be a blog, where poets, novelists, or just someone who had something to say could use as a platform to get their words out to the world. The latter, we have for sure been slacking on.

I was equally as excited about the community blog portion of Chiix & Co. as I was about the retail side, but to be honest, when you're working three jobs sometimes you naturally end up focusing on the side of the business that has monetary measurements of success. It's easier to quantify results than to look at the qualitative effects of a company, but that doesn't always mean that will yield the most feelings of accomplishment.

Lately, I've been seeing more women share their REAL experiences of running a business or being an artist through social media. I'm so glad people are starting to break down the stigma of having it all together and nothing going wrong ever, because that's just truly not the case. I work a full-time job, can't say no to freelance work on the side, and decided to start Chiix & Co., and all too often, I feel like I'm trying to do too much, resulting in me feeling like I'm doing things mediocrely. I know I'm not alone in those feelings and I know as a creative, I'm naturally much harder on myself than I should be, but it's still a very real feeling I deal with on a daily basis. 

As I reflect on these feelings of inadequacy, I'm realizing I need to shift focus, and bring it back to the community that I wanted to create with Chiix & Co. As small business owners and creatives, we need to be having these conversations and sharing our struggles rather than hiding them to build a more realistic and supportive environment of entrepreneurship. I've always loved the month of June; the first month that really feels like summer (but you haven't melted into a puddle of sunscreen and runny mascara yet from the heat), so I'm using it as a "refresh", if you will.

I plan on revitalizing our blog. We will have more artist interviews, guest blogs, original writings, and more #musicmonday playlists. I have a goal of adding a few more artists/businesses to the retail shop, and working with our current Chiix to get some new product for the shop or better fit the experience to them.

I too will have new product coming out, but after those designs drop, I will be focusing more on growing the Chiix Community.

I hope you're looking forward to the coming months as much as I am. If you're interested in sharing your written work on Chiix, guest blogging, or have amazing people you look up to that you think we should feature, please send me an email! Likewise, if you're interested in hearing more about our shop model, and want to see if Chiix & Co. is the right platform for your work or products, please reach out to me as well!

With these refocused goals, I hope to continue to make a community where we empower women to continue to try new things, be themselves, and push the envelope.

Stay tuned,