Tesoro Design Flagship Store: OPEN!


It's what all small businesses dream of...

Your blood, sweat, and [a hell of a lot of] tears have been shed in your garage, or your basement, or your mom's basement...and all for what? This is what. That glorious day when you can dot the i's and cross the t's on a check for your landlord to secure your first storefront. Oh, glorious day! The ladies at Tesoro Design are no different; they've worked their pretty little asses off to get to the point where they could proudly open their own flagship store for their company. Located in West Chester, PA, the newest shop on Market Street will soon be the hottest. Take a look around the new Tesoro shop, and find out a little more about what Emily & Brit are most excited for in the near future.

Favorite part of the opening party?

Emily: My favorite part about the opening was celebrating with my family and friends.
Brit: My favorite part about the opening was having so many incredible people come to the event. We had moms, dads, grandparents, siblings, friends, customers and even some bloggers come! It was just so amazing to have so much support. Its times like those that make the early mornings, late nights, and zero weekends totally worth it. 

What is your favorite thing about your new retail space?

Emily: My favorite thing about the new space are the windows!!! My office had zero windows and now I can look out three big ones all day long haha.
Brit: My favorite thing about the new retail space is having a place to display our items in the way we always hoped they would be displayed. We really built our store to make our bags stand out by minimizing clutter. We now have a large window to display our bags in so I can't wait to have a little fun with that. It will also be fun to see how people react to having a studio in the space. People will be able to come see me work while they shop, which is rare, and will hopefully peak peoples interest. (Also having windows and a back yard is amazing!! )

What are you most excited for about having a retail space?

Emily: I am most excited about talking with customers throughout the day as they stop in and getting to know and support the other local businesses.
Brit: I am most excited about the events we plan on having. I want to use this space as an opportunity to help our customers have a more hands on experience. We plan to start holding private parties where you will be able to make your own pieces. (Think birthday parties, wedding party gatherings, or work parties)  This allows each individual to customize their new piece down to the leather and hardware selection. I can't wait to see what our local community comes up with! 

What advice do you have for young girls or other women out there who want to start their own business?

Emily: My advice to others who want to start their own business would be to make sure you have an investor you trust or at least a years worth of cash in savings. Businesses take years to be profitable and cash is truly king.
Brit: My advice to all the ladies out there looking to break out on their own is to build a community. In the age of social media, competition is everywhere you look. Its difficult not to start comparing yourself or your product to what you see around you. Finding a group of people who are striving for the same things as you will always motivate you to work harder. These are the women who will come to your events, stay connected on social media, and potentially even collaborate with you. All of these things are key not only to daily sales, but to building your brand close to home. 

Congrats from Chiix & Co., we can't wait to visit!