#MusicMonday with Tiny Daggers!


#MusicMonday: Cruisin' Tracks [Tiny Daggers]

The internet is a wonderful thing. Since starting Chiix & Co., I've been amazed at all the kick ass women I've been exposed to and had the pleasure of connecting with. Enter Tiny Daggers; a group of three women (Brooke Gunn, Liz Horton, & Catie Cook) who banded together with a common love of adventures, motorcycles, camaraderie, and fun. These ladies are such positive souls who were so eager and open about sharing their passions, experiences, and all things included in creating their girl gang. They're actively dismantling the intimidation of joining the motorcycle world without even trying to through their carefree and welcoming personalities. As a girl who dreams of the day she can graduate from the backseat of a bike to the her own moto, talking with these ladies has been so inspiring, and I can't wait for more collaborations with these girls in the future. Get ready for some kick-ass stuff!

This #MusicMonday, Catie & Liz of the Tiny Daggers shared their go-to playlists when cruising on their bikes to the next adventure. It's easy to transport yourself to the sun-spotted winding road and feeling the wind on your face after listening to these playlists.

Catie (Tiny Daggers): The playlist titled "Flowy" is one that I curated to serve as a calm playlist without making me sleepy. It's called Flowy because it's for when I'm just cruising. Cruising solo on my motorbike, cruising on a project at work, on a hike, or in my car while I run errands. This playlist compliments those moods perfectly for me. Good luck getting road rage on this playlist. Actually good luck getting road rage with either of my playlists. 

"Surfy" is a playlist I made to make me feel like I'm on a beach. I grew up living right on the ocean. I've got a pretty laid back personality, so I naturally love the songs that make you feel like you're hanging out with a bunch of pals in the sun with no real agenda. Having these songs playing in my helmet makes me feel like I'm surfing while I'm on my motorcycle, which I think is pretty magical. I'll also frequently (aka always) throw this playlist on when I have a BBQ. Give it a try at your next BBQ or on your next ride, you won't regret it. 

 In order to keep true with supporting artists and their craft, if you like any of the music on these playlists, consider attending their next show near you, buying an album, or merch from the artists. 




Find these playlists on Spotify:
Surfy | Flowy | Thailand Murder Mist

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