#MusicMonday with Ladyboss Kim Bydlon!


#MusicMonday: Letting Go [Kim Bydlon]

Kim Bydlon is a small business owner. She also has the voice of an angel. She also loves supporting her fellow females. Kim reached out to us wanting to get involved in Chiix and Co. We were so excited to talk about collaborations and just getting to have an exchange with a woman who was just as excited about what we were doing as we were. Since music is such a big part of her life, we suggested to put us together an awesome mix of some of her favorite tracks. Listen below to her formula for happy ears and a happy heart.

This #MusicMonday, Kim Bydlon, fellow lady boss gave us her go-to playlist for kicking back and letting go.

Kim: Being a musician myself, I have such a difficult time narrowing down my favorites. So, here is a broad collection of jams that have a very unique way of both reenergizing and decompressing me. Though it may seem like I stitched this collection together from all over the genre map, it has a single thread of similar sound or style. These songs are my whole heart (hence, the name stemming from "heartbeat"); they are my proud and obscure finds, children of my recently discovered love for indie, hailing from various soundtracks and positive associations to people I know and love. Their artists are lyrical wizards, and the results are inherently and implicitly motivating. 

Throw these on when you're letting it all go: purposely getting lost on a back road on a sunny day, self-reflecting in a hammock under a willow, dancing around your kitchen in your underwear with a spoon of cake batter in hand... or, and especially, if and when you need a pick me up. Should these songs be new to you, I ask that you keep an open mind; I hope they pleasantly surprise you. Allow them to invoke as much renewal and motivation for you as they do for me. 

Note: I felt guilty leaving out a few of my other favorite artists just because their sound didn't "match," so if you're looking for a more chill, evocative vibe, I highly recommend checking out The xx, Swell Season, Bon Iver, Glass Animals or Angus & Julia Stone; particularly "Big Jet Plane" by the latter, as I'll be dancing to that at my wedding one day (heh).

 In order to keep true with supporting artists and their craft, if you like any of the music on these playlists, consider attending their next show near you, buying an album, or merch from the artists.


Kim Bydlon has been a vocal performer since she was 11 years old. Her music career includes being crowned "Lehigh Valley Idol 2008-09," performing the national anthem for a speech by former President Barack Obama and passing through the first round of American Idol's Season 10. Kim graduated in 2015 from West Chester University of PA with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies and currently works full-time as a Catering Coordinator. She regularly performs acoustically and as the lead singer of a Philadelphia cover band called Frisky. Kim is also the founder and president of a boutique event management company, called Cloud Nine Event Design based in West Chester, PA.