Meet the Makers: ErinMade

Meet the Makers: Erin McDermott

Erin McDermott has always loved creating. From a young age, she was sewing her own clothing and accessories. Driven by colors, patterns, and high-quality hand-craftsmanship, Erin launched her own brand; ErinMade. Her headbands and clothing are effortlessly boho-chic, and you can't help but feel coastal when her patent-pending multi-wear scarf headbands move with the breeze around you. Find out more about this lady boss below!

Chiix & Co.: When did you know you wanted to pursue a career in textile design?

Erin McDermott: A year in fashion design confirmed what I already knew. My clothing designs were driven by the textiles. This led me to studying textile design!

C&C: What are some of the driving forces behind your style?

EM: Print, color and unique detailing, with beachy and laid back island living silhouettes.

C&C: Pursuing a life and career in design is not easy feat. What are some of the struggles you've encounter since deciding to start ErinMade?

EM: Being my own sales rep. I want to run and hide when I go into stores to talk to owners about my products. I really have to talk myself into getting out of my car and walking in. Being my own “publicist”, you could say, has never come easy to me! Oh...and MATH!!

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C&C: Is designing and running ErinMade your full-time job?

EM: ErinMade is my full time job...eek! Scary at times, but very rewarding to be able to put all my time and work towards my own goals. I also love to flexibility of creating my own schedule!

C&C: What are your favorite types of textiles to make or design?

EM: PRINT!! Especially prints that have a personal, touched by hand quality. I love to paint with watercolors and take my motifs to photoshop. I think it is so cool to be able to use my own hand painted images, pull them apart and rearrange on them on the computer to create something that can be printed to fabric and worn!

C&C: Favorite food or drink to fuel your creativity?


C&C: What appealed to you about being a part of Chiix & Co.?

EM: A community of creators and go getters! I am very inspired by the work and drive of the other girls in of this group. They help to keep my head in the game!

C&C: What's next for your career as an independent artist, as well as for your company?

EM: I would love to sell some of my clothing designs. I have just started to do this, but I have so much more that I want to create and share with a larger market!


Favorite color?
Go-to coffee order?
iced coffee
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Favorite thing about design?
Non-verbal self expression =]



Erin is a textile and clothing designer who currently resides in Fort Myers Beach, FL Erin has always been a hands-on-creator, searching for unique textiles and prints. She sells her clothing and accessories in a handful of stores as well as on her personal website. If you need some beachy goodness in your life, look no further than ErinMade.

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