Boss Babes: Dani Nagel


Boss Babes: Dani Nagel of Dazey L.A.

Dazey L.A. was a way to finally create her “dream job” by combining her passions of art, fashion, and photography. Early on, she decided to share her entrepreneurial journey with full transparency; she would show everything from her design process, marketing tips, and the emotional rollercoaster that is starting your own business. People started to take notice, and the response was incredible. That's when Dazey LA shifted from being a company to a calling. A vehicle to inspire, encourage, and support fellow females in their endeavors.

Dani kindly took some time out of her insanely busy schedule to chat with Chiix & Co. about her experience thus far, read below!

Chiix & Co.: When did you start Dazey L.A., and what were you doing before it?

Dani Nagel: I started Dazey LA at the beginning of the summer last year :) Before that I had a long career as a t-shirt designer for many large companies!

C&C: As someone who was very hesitant to start my own company for a long time, what gave you the push to take the final plunge into launching your brand?

DN: Just getting to that breaking point. I had ALWAYS wanted to start my own brand but was too scared. I helped launch a start up denim brand called Revice and when I was there I realized wait, I can do this! Why am I doing everything for someone elses' start up and not mine? The only regret I have now is not having done it sooner :)

C&C: Favorite & least favorite part of owning your own business?

DN: Favorite is being able to do all the things I love exactly the way I want to! And of course connecting with all my Dazey Ladies, they are my inspiration! Worst is production and logistics, it’s hard handling scaling while figuring out the best way to fulfill orders. I have a great team but we are certainly having growing pains in that area!

C&C: What has been the biggest surprise or lesson since launching Dazey L.A.?

DN: I think my biggest surprise is that it’s actually working! I’m still beside myself that I started a (so far) “successful company”. I think I try not to expect much so am pleasantly surprised :)

C&C: Go-to coffee order to get you through the work day?

DN: Tall chai latte with 7 pumps, no water, extra hot. Yes I’m THAT girl at Starbucks haha.

C&C: Must have design tools?

DN: Adobe illustrator & Wacom tablet! 

C&C: Favorite snack for the endless late night editing hours?

DN: Oh many of those! Oranges, every night I have two haha.

C&C: You just launched a new line inspired by the Women's March (kick-ass, btw), what is your favorite piece to design?

DN: Gahhh I’m just so stoked on this line!! I would say the babes against bigots turtleneck dress. I’ve just never seen anything like it before, and making something unique in this day and age is rare!

C&C: What's next for Dazey L.A.?

DN: Oh I am overflowing with ideas always!! I blame it on my excessive podcast listening. I am toying with the idea of a “girl boss shop”. I’m going to start small, but I have HUGE ideas for it’s growth.

C&C: What advice do you have for other women who would like to start their own business?

DN: Get experience, save money, make connections. After that you have to know when to cut the cord and dive in head first!

Dani is a self taught illustrator, graphic designer, and photographer. She  graduated at age 19 with a degree in fashion design, but as lover of both art and fashion she combined these two passions to make a career in apparel graphics! She draws every tee by hand and does all the photography you see throughout the website and Instagram.

Shop Dazey L.A. here, and make sure to follow both her Dazey Instagram account and personal account as well for all that Dazey goodness! Oh, and did we mention all her clothes are designed, sewn, and printed all in L.A.? Well, they are ;)