Meet the Makers: Paige Kershaw


Meet the Makers: Paige Kershaw

Paige Kershaw was one of the inital artists to become a part of Chiix & Co. As one of my first friends I made after moving to Salt Lake City, I've always admired this lady for her insatiable need to create. She has encouraged me to find that desire in myself as well, one of the main reasons I started Chiix & Co. I thought it would be only fitting to kick off this new blog series focusing on the women selling their art on Chiix & Co. with her. There's more to this mermaid than salty air and sea water, find out more below!

Chiix & Co.: When did you know you wanted to pursue a career in art?

Paige Kershaw: Around age four! On road trips, I would ask my individual family members what they wanted a picture of and I'd draw it for them. By the time we'd reach our destination, everyone would have about 10 custom drawings, haha. 

C&C: What are some of the driving forces behind your style & art pieces?

PK: I would say the number one driving force is the ocean. There are about a million reasons it inspires and influences me, but the main reason is that I love the enormous color palette it provides, with different shades of blue and sunset hues.

C&C: Pursuing a life and career in art is not easy feat. What are some of the struggles you've encounter since deciding to create art full-time? 

PK: The biggest struggle is obviously a consistent income. It's totally feast or famine. I've learned over time to have multiple artistic outlets. When I don't feel like painting, I'll work on graphic designs projects and vice versa. It's important to give yourself different medias to bounce through to keep the inspiration alive.

C&C: Do you have a media of choice?

PK: Acrylics. I'm too impatient for oils! I also love the good ol' pen and paper, I think that'll always be my favorite.

C&C: Favorite food or drink to fuel your creativity?

PK: Coffee and an occasional afternoon beer when I need to lighten up and enjoy the process more!

C&C: You recently co-founded a design studio with fellow Chiix Lucy Blatt, congrats! What are you most excited for in this new endeavor? 

PK: I'm definitely most excited for working with small business owners and entrepreneurs. It's pretty amazing to hear about different visions and being able to help them achieve their dreams through art and design.

C&C: What appealed to you about being a part of Chiix & Co.?

PK: I've always been deeply interested by other artisans. I love hearing about people's inspiration, process, goals, etc. Being a part of a community of women is a cherry on top. It's wonderful to have the support and encouragement of fellow movers and makers.

C&C: What's next for your career as an independent artist, as well as for your design studio?

PK: I'd love to be in a few pop-up shows or galleries this summer. There's nothing more thrilling than seeing a collection of work, you've slaved over, be displayed for people to see! As for Coast to Coast, I'm looking forward to meeting new people and (hopefully) improving my graphic design skills! 


Favorite color?
Navy Blue
Go-to coffee order?
Drip Coffee with Cream
Dream vacation destination?
Morocco or Barcelona!
Dogs or cats?
Ocean or mountains?
Ocean 100%
Snapchat or Instagram?
Sunlight or moonlight?
Always sunlight
Red or white wine?
Favorite thing about art?
It's ability to inspire.

Paige is a painter, illustrator, and designer who currently resides in Salt Lake City, UT with her husband Zach and feisty fur baby Zoe. Originally from the West Coast, Paige's work embodies the fleeting beauty of the seas' tides. Recently, Paige left her day job to pursue art full-time. She sells her art on her personal website, as well as here on Chiix & Co. She also co-owns a design agency.

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