#MusicMonday with Kate Goodnough [Album Review]


#MUSICMONDAY: Pleasure Palette by Flamingosis

For this installment of Music Monday, we've got something special for you! Salt Lake City transplant Kate Goodnough (part-time DJ, full-time badass) reviews Pleasure Palette by Flamingosis.

Later this spring, Kate will also be composing an awesome mix just for Chiix & Co., and trust us, you won't want to miss that! Until then, you can find some of her original mixes and remixes on her SoundCloud here. For now, enjoy her look into Flamingosis' album below!


Artist: Flamingosis (Soundcloud)
Album: Pleasure Palette
Favorite Tracks: Finesse (Hey Baby), Love Me in Everything & Football Head
Related Artists: Emune, Wun Two & Joey Pecoraro


We all have a soft spot in our heart for hip-hop & rap. But I gotta say — even being a huge appreciator of lyricism — I am exhausted of hearing the same hip-hop artists, who rule the music charts, spit the same topics on catchy beats. Think about it. You probably like the beat the most about these songs, right? So, who are these producers that are making these beats? I could name a few that are only in the business of selling their beats, but there is a movement of producers going a different direction.

Flamingosis is one of these producers. Hailing from the dirty Jerz, Flamingosis is an electronic music producer, beatboxer and entertainer. This guy is a music making machine, releasing 4 albums in 2016 and working on projects with other producers. One album in particular that really moves me is Pleasure Palette. Literally, it will mental and physically get you moving with it’s unique, groovy boom bap! Those samples ain’t bad either. Another cool perk about this album is that it is totally work appropriate (not that ever stopped me tehe) and will keep you focused. Give it a listen and thank me later.

Give it a listen below: