#MusicMonday with Alli VanKleeck


#MusicMonday: Femme-Powered Tracks [Alli VanKleeck]

This is the first installment of #MusicMonday, a monthly blog series where we will share different playlists created by the women of the Chiix & Co. community. The playlists will range in genres and will be as unique as the ladies that make up our awesome community. In order to keep true with supporting artists and their craft, if you like any of the music on these playlists, consider attending their next show near you, buying an album, or merch from the artists.


This #MusicMonday, Chiix & Co. founder Alli VanKleeck shared a mix of tracks featuring some of her favorite badass women in the music world. See what she has to say about the playlist below:

As far as musical preferences go, I'll listen to pretty much anything from bluegrass, to rap, to punk rock...just not pop-country. But when I need to feel especially inspired to create my art, I find a lot of empowerment and motivation from female-fronted punk bands. Something about the notion that punk rock is messy, unorganized, and crass (all things girls aren't supposed to embody), then these chicks come in and say, "Yeah, we can do that too", just really gets me excited to be creating art and make my voice heard.


1. "Come Around" - New Creases
2. "Angst" - Sløtface
3. "Start Talking" - Aye Nako
4. "(This Song is Definitely Not About A Boy)" - Makeshift Shelters
5. "Surface Envy" - Sleater-Kinney
6. "Take Back The Power" - The Interrupters
7. "Novella Ella Ella Eh" - Chumped
8. "Hot Dad Calendar" - Cayetana
9. "Lipstick" - Lemuria
10. "Keep Growing" - Camp Cope

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