We are Chiix & Co.


Hi. I'm Alli.

I'm the one in the picture above with the cake. I love cake. I also love art. And collaboration. And boss-ass ladies. And equality.

Chiix & Co. was created to be an embodiment of all of those things (except, maybe not cake, but definitely the FEELING you get when you eat a delicious piece of cake). We are a group of independent women artists and artisans who pride ourselves in producing high quality work that feeds our passions and yours. Chiix & Co. is a supportive and collaborative place where we can show the world the range of talents of female makers across USA.

I'm not a writer, I'm a designer and a dreamer (so bear with me through this blog post). My main goal with Chiix & Co. was to create a community full of positivity and creativity, as well as a one-stop shop full of different types of goods and art made by amazing women artists. I wanted a place that had something for everyone, no matter what you're into. Too much of the world is focused on separating us out; labels, styles, brands, stereotypes; all pigeon-holing us into these groups we may or may not fit into. Chiix & Co. aims to unify us back to the basics; Good humans supporting good artists.

We've got glitter and gold. We've got boho-chic. We've got skulls and crossbones.

And we've got something for people who enjoy all of those things. If you like supporting independent artists, Fempires on the rise, and shopping small businesses, Chiix & Co. is the place for you. 

Over time, we will be doing spotlights on all the killer ladies that make up Chiix & Co., but for now, check out this page to introduce yourself to the core women who have been a crucial part of starting our girl gang.

Chiix & Co.